ISO 29990 standard – standalone system implementation

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When: 03-04.03.2016 and 26-27.04.2016

The course consists of two meetings over length of one month.
The aim of the course is to prepare companies to independently implement the requirements of the ISO 29990 certification allowing the system.

During the course, participants will become familiar with ISO 29990 – Learning services for non-formal education and training – Basic requirements for service providers. The principles of document management system will be discussed. After the break, participants will work on the concept of   improvement of documentation and records arising from the collection of said documentation.

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The program includes:

  1. The requirements of the ISO 29990 standard
  2. Documentation resulting from the above-mentioned standards requirements
  3. Examples of procedures for educational services for the needs of education and training
  4. After the break, participants return with their own documents – there will be workshops to fulfill the requirements of ISO 29990
  5. Analysis of the records resulting from documentation management system according to ISO 29990 and developed documentation
  6. How to prepare for the certification audit
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03-04.03.2016 and 26-27.04.2016


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