About IRiK


Educating since 2000.

Self-development or career?

If you have to choose, choose… both!

Our educational and professional experience has allowed us to create curricula that do not require from you to make a choice between personal and professional development (just like you should not be expected to choose between inhaling and exhaling, you’re just breathing, right?). We have designed the programs so that every training would give you maximum benefit, because your success is our goal.

Therefore the content of each of our personal development programs includes also the elements necessary to achieve professional success. On the other hand programs for mastering professional skills are based on the foundation of self-development. Sounds a bit complicated? Not really, you might rather think how much more beneficial this form of training may appear to you.

It makes sense.


  • Because growth in one area of life and neglecting the other leads to the sense of losing balance in life and this in turn may be followed by various more or less unpleasant consequences in both spheres
  • Because there is no true success and satisfaction outside without the true sense of fulfillment inside
  • Because we have tested it ourselves and we know what works
  • Because otherwise we would not be able to claim we are offering you the best content in the best form

We have prepared a variety of trainings for you ranging from several hours’ long workshops, through full-day and longer formats, which you might be pretty familiar with, and a relatively new concept – regular weekly formula based on the assumption that to achieve success one should train “the muscle of success” – one’s brain – on a regular basis just as other muscles need training. Check it.