Gym for the mind

allenamento duroIf you ever wanted to learn a new skill what did you do? You practiced. Does this obvious rule also apply to our beliefs, habits, thoughts? Honestly, we believe any training you will attend may give you the momentum and trigger the positive change.

This is true that any of our courses contains enough material to provide you with the tools for success. We do know however, that you may not have the sufficient conditions for that on daily basis and motivation may sometimes vanish for various reasons (environment, people surrounding you etc). To master a new skill or achieve a particular result like physical shape one needs to practice regularly. A single visit to the gym will not make one much more fit, no one would deny this, yet so few of us realizes the same approach in terms of our mind. No knowledge will work unless you apply it practically.

For those who in spite of such obstacles are determined to maintain the positive transformation, we have created something unique – Course to success – Brain Gym – a training of success skills, to make the change lasting and satisfying.

Duration: Every two weeks

Course schedule for the first half of 2016:

Setting priorities and key areas for development 28/01/2016
Integrating goals with the value system and known and unknown
needs and desires
Managing yourself in time, setting priorities, rules and methods of self-development 10/03/2016
Assertiveness – taking care of peace of your mind 14/04/2016
Effective interpersonal communication, verbal and non-verbal 19/05/2016
Stress – types and approaches, exploiting the potential of stress,
dealing with negative aspects of stress

The price for this package of 6 sessions is PLN 250 net.

It is possible to participate only in selected sessions. In such a case, the cost is PLN 50 net for each session.

In addition, after the completion of the entire package, we offer a 60-day support period via e-mail, phone, or skype in order to consolidate the knowledge gained.

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The number of participants is limited; the date of registration is decisive.